Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fun Show!

WAC show today.  The January show is usually slow, people recovering after the holidays., but today was pretty busy, lot almost full, line to renew memberships curving around on itself.  (Mrs. Drang and I renewed for three years each back in November.)
  • I think the crowd had something to do with fears of upcoming gun control efforts, and also the fact the some who would attend on Sunday are planning on being glued to their boob tubes watching the Sea Chickens play the Gold Diggers in the World Series. 
  • Picked up an in waistband (IWB) holster for the 1911 from K ROUNDS, which, as I mentioned before, is a local company. Went with the standard leather belt loops, but I might switch to tuckable loops later.
    • Yesterday I visited their offices and ordered a mag/flashlight pouch.  I left them my Surefire E2D LED to make sure it fits, even standard models have enough variation they want to make sure.  
    • I pick it up, I may leave them a knife or two to have sheath(es) made.
  • Saw an actual Keltec Shotgun (KSG) on a dealer's table today; previously, they'd all been on Friends Of NRA raffle tables.
  •  I'm as apt to mock SIG's penchant for producing multiple fashionista cosmetic versions (diamond plate?  Really?) of their pistols, but I have to admit the 1911 Spartan does have some appeal.
  • The only table to have any .22LR at all continues to be the one that jacked their prices up so high even the most desperate shooter won't buy from them.  

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