Saturday, February 15, 2014

Random thoughts

It is not a good sign when the server at dinner doesn't know the special of the day.
  • Not just "What's the special?" "I don't know", but "We'll have the Hummingbirds Tongues in Aspic", and you have to explain that it's the special.  "Did you see it on a board some place?"
  • Proof: she doesn't bring you the wine until you're halfway done with the entree.  
  • EDIT:  Mrs. Drang reminds me that when she did bring the wine, it was the wrong one.
  • And then brings you the Special Of The Day white chocolate bread pudding with butterscotch sauce at room temperature, served with a scoop of ice cream.
  • We could have done without all the proof...
The weather alert I posted a day or two ago has been rescinded and then re-alerted several times.
  • Don't be surprised if you hear soon that Spokane is the newest west coast port...
One thing I've learned, or had confirmed, hanging out on Internet firearms fora is that every handgun manufacturer has it's fanbois, as well as it's hateh's.
  • One guy can post an innocuous question about, say, getting his gat refinished, and someone will be along shortly to warn him that, because it's the make and model it is, it will blow up in his hand and he should get something else1.  Usually a specific "something else."  Which a third party will be along to villify in a post or three, the cycle repeating itself until pretty much every manufacturer and model out there (including some waaaaay out there) has been claimed to be simultaneously the greatest thing since Friar Schwartz2  had his little lab accident AND the greatest danger to the operator imaginable.3
  • is far better than most, if not all, others, although talk about 1911s will inevitably draw Glock or HK fanbois who will solemnly avow that one must first pay $1000+ for a 1911, and then spend another $1k on it to ensure it doesn't simply fall apart at the first shot.
  • Admittedly 1911 sights as John Moses Browning (pbuh) designed them for the Army are practically vestigial. And the 1911s running from $4-500 new are imports from countries which do not necessarily have great metallurgical quality.  But that doesn't mean you just bought a grenade...
Another thing I've learned specifically from is that, not only is the answer to the question "How many magazines should I buy?" "Even more", but the magazine is probably the most sensitive part of the semi-automatic pistol.
  • If the magazine does not present the bullet to the chamber at the proper  angle and in the proper orientation, it doesn't matter if the feed ramp has been all smoothed and polished.
  • On the one hand, my habit of buying 1911 magazines over the last year or two seems like a good one.
  • On the other hand, buying the cheap ones marked and packaged as GI 1911 mags may not have been so smart.
  • I went to Joanne's Fabrics yesterday and bought a paint pen, and now all the magazines are marked with my name and an identifying number. Magazine goes bad? Smash it and toss it.
  • Tamara uses cute stickers on some of hers, but I have my image to keep up...
  • Also, I've ordered some Pachmeyr magazine bumper pads, and stickers won't stick to the rubber.
Have I mentioned that taking a "Basic, Fundamentals" handgun class was totally worth it? Maybe if I'd done that 25 years ago I wouldn't have this unreasonable prejudice against Beretta handguns.
  • Please note that I do refrain from telling everyone that just because I couldn't shoot well with one that obviously means no one will, or that they're just one round away from blowing themselves up...
  • Mostly this speaks to the Army not really caring about handguns or handgun training.
  • Think about that when someone says "This guy at work  was in the Army and he says..."  "This guy at work" is probably That Guy, so at least find out more about "this guy's" actual qualifications.
Intermediate class tomorrow.  We'll see how I do...
  • Including whether I need to buy a dozen new/replacement 1911 magazine springs and followers.

1. Although sometimes the warning is followed up by "Send it to me for disposal", which is a sign it's a desirable piece of gear.
2.  Or Roger Bacon.  Or Francis Bacon, I can't remember who. Whom. Yes, I know black powder was first formulated in China.  They don't seem to have had the necessary mindset to look at a mortar launching it's pestle, and visualizing the AK47...
3.  At the first Gun Blogger rendezvous I attended, the local gunsmith who was handling FFL duties made the claim that the M1911 as issued in WWII was an unreliable piece of crap, that all 1911s since were even worse, and that the best handgun for self-defense was the Hi Point 9mm.

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DaddyBear said...

I know what you mean. It took over a decade for me to decide I wanted an AR-15. All those years of M-16's and their issues, mostly brought on by me, made me hesitant to invest in one.

Now I'm starting to rethink my stance on Beretta's as well.

And yes, one can rarely have too many magazines, assuming that you don't have a "magazine room". I need more for my 1911's and the CZ-82.

Good luck at the class!