Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day, 2014

I've posted this song every Memorial Day since I began the blog, I think.  Still seems to sum it up best.

And it occured to me that this one fits, too, if one is in a maudlin, or even a morbid, mood...

And this, of course...

I've seen more people posting this year than ever before a message I've tried to tell folks, reminding them that Memorial Day is the day we remember those who didn't make it home. This is, I suppose, an inherently morbid fact.  The American Day of the Dead, if you will.

And, yes, we owe them, well, just about all the "blessings of liberty" we enjoy, even if we doubt whether the blessings are quite as abundant these days, or will last. 

We also owe it to them that those blessings do not disappear. And if that means getting maudlin when we reflect on those who have sacrificed all they had, and more, even if it was in a conflict the wisdom or righteousness we question, then so be it.

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