Sunday, June 29, 2014

Field Day report, Part 2

A couple of more photos from Field Day.
Screen shot of the logging program, showing
the entry for the contact in the Southern Cook Islands
This is what the "electric fence tape" looks like. 
You can see that it has 5 strands of electrical wire.
The yellow and black portion is strands of nylon, for strength.

Something I left out was that this was probably the most successful Field Day I've been to from the "public outreach" point of view. There was a community BBQ at the LDS Church we were set up at, and many of the participants came over to see what we were doing. Plus, it being an LDS Church, the young folks on mission were in and out all afternoon.  Oddly, the young ladies seemed more interested in ham radio than the men. 

(And, no, in case you were wondering, they did not press their message on us until invited -- encouraged, really -- to do so by one of the club members who was also a member of the church.  He had a point, they were supposed to be on mission, not geeking out...)


LibertyNews said...

Were you using the electric fence tape as an improvised HF antenna?

D.W. Drang said...

Yes, see the previous post. Worked great!