Thursday, June 19, 2014

How does your garden grow?

So far, so good, I suppose...

The  planting season came pretty late here, so we'll see how things go in the long run, but after planting these things last weekend, and staggering around for most of the week from too much lifting and squatting, things seem to be going OK.
Last year this raised bed had a grape tomato plant in it, which did well.  There were also strawberry plants, which did not.  At the end of the season, we pulled out the tomato and put the provided cover on.  Now we have a raised bed for strawberry plants, which are doing well.
Planting season started late enough this year we just put the tomato plants into large pots.  I convinced Mrs. Drang to get a Roma plant, hoping that it will do well enough we can can some tomato sauce.
Last year this raised bed had out peas and beans.  The chard (I think?  green leaves, red tips) is apparently a volunteer, I don't remember it being in that bed...  Doing well, though.  The garlic (in container at right) is going to be transplanted to what is currently the location of a dead rose bush.
Last year this one had various green leafys, the herbs and things seem to have survived under the other provided raised bed cover.
Last year this bed held our other tomato plant, a Black Krim (heirloom.) Alas, the plant did not survive, despite our efforts to protect it from the weather.  This bed now contains various leafys, and (many small yellowish leaves at top of photo) golden beets, about 2 dozen of which came in a one pint container.  Took Mrs. Drang an hour to untangle the roots and plant them all...
This is one of the waist-high raised beds.  The plastic dingus at the left is the top of the watering system, there is a reservoir under the soil that holds a gallon or two, and has a cloth ribbon, looks like a kerosene lantern wick, the is supposed to wick water to the soil.  We'll see how it works.
This is the other waist-high raised bed.  I'm sure I'll be reminded what is in these eventually...   (Or find the energy to go read the labels.)
Cedar raised bed by garage.  Beans.  Peas?
Other cedar raised bed by garage.  Spaghetti Squash and... um.... stuff.  Peas?  Cucumbers. The wooden frame for them will be replaced by one that will lean against the side of the garage.  When it arrives...
Not many strawberries today, should be some big ones tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

Nice! I have a few things struggling in the rental backyard -- can't wait to have my own dirt to mess with. Sometimes I talk to people and they say "oh I have some canned seeds, we will raise crops..." heh heh, like 'farmer' is some unskilled profession... Every bit you mess with is learning/progress, and I don't think there's anything as yummy as food you raise or catch yourself!
-Erik from Seattle