Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lest there be any confusion...

....I'm posting the because Mrs. Drang won't. Besides, these are from Alte Schloss Drang and she wasn't there.
We both took this week off to do the kind of housework that's all too easy to put off -- sorting old magazines, taking the clothes the mysteriously shrank to the thrift store, that sort of thing. But lawns still need mowed, and having trash and recycle pickup at two addresses can be convenient...
St. Johns Wort.
I recognize these!  Roses, right?
Yes, the camera (cell phone) is pointed at the sky.
Yes, the rose plant is growing above my head.
  Yes, it's a friggin' rose tree...
Lavender of some sort, I am told.
  This growing in the "rockery" out front,
along with the St. John's Wort, and kinnickinnick.
Again, that's the eaves of the house behind this flower.
Meanwhile the "miracle fruit tree" (do they still sell those in catalogs? Take an apple tree and graft on branches from multiple apple varieties and other fruit) is producing what look like cherries. Maybe not, it never gave them before, but even the apples it grew weren't edible, except to the local birds.

Oh, and the flowering plum tree (which are not supposed to produce fruit at all) has little bitty plums on it.  Not quite edible, yet, but it does produce very small plums every year, a little bigger than a cherry.

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