Saturday, August 2, 2014

Unicorn Sightings

(Edited to add links.  Corrections and additions are in italics.) 
At the WAC gun show. Fairly low turnout, not uncommon in summer, which is why they run a reduced schedule. Dropped a double sawbuck in the I-591 bucket at the SAF table.

Chatted with the K Rounds holster folks and with Dave of South Ridge Arms. Was also talking with a guy from the Washougal River Cartridge Company selling 80% AR lowers and jigs; half-joking I asked what it would cost to rent a jig...
(In the course if that conversation it developed that Dave does they anodizing for them.)

Saw a Keltec Shotgun (KSG)  for sale -- thus the post title -- only $1100. Got to handle it, if they were going for the originally announced MSRP I'd consider one.

Another table had  a 2" (+/-) DA revolver that was read on the hang-tag "Colt New Service .45, with clips". I was intrigued, but the only markings were serial number and itty-bitty* proof marks -- including what appeared to be a Broad Arrow ... .45 ACP? Or .455, or...? Seller didn't know, so I passed. (I suppose I could be mistaken about the proof mark being a Broad Arrow, or it indicating a pistol that was in British Service. Could this be a Fitz Special without chopped trigger guard?  I dunno, maybe if it's still at future gun shows I'll investigate further...)

Magazines for Mrs Drang's Star BKM are running $40 each, so I'll hold off until she decides she needs more.
Saw a Colt 1903 in .32ACP, looked to be in decent condition, but I'm not collecting today.  Also saw a S&W Model 69, which I have an irrational desire for.  Maybe two, have one shortened...

Only .22 LR was Armscor, which is decent ammo but does not cycle my Ruger* 22/45 reliably.
And with that, I'm headed home, I need to stop and pick up some canning jar lids.
(This post will be has been edited to add links and any corrections as needed.)

*Damn you autocorrect!

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