Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Why does the "1%" like this idea?

Just The Man/1% tryin to keep the little guy down...
...Billionaire entrepreneur Nick Hanauer gave $1 million (to the pro-background checks/gun control Initiative 594) on Aug. 19, according to state campaign finance records. (Hanauer, if you’ll remember, was the target of some campaign commentary by National Rifle Association lobbyist Brian Judy claiming that gun control caused the Holocaust.)*

And then Bill and Melinda Gates each gave $500,000 on Friday, for $1 million total, which appeared on the state’s campaign-finance disclosure database today.

Those contributions come atop $500,000 given by Microsoft co-owner Paul Allen on Aug. 11. 
I understand Balmer also made a sizable donation to help keep the 99% in their place.

Granted, as pointed out by one of my assistants at work today, to them this is like me throwing a sawbuck in the kitty.  As I pointed out to him, So what?

There are, per this article, two organizations dedicated to opposing I594, " The National Rifle Association’s "Washingtonians Opposed to I-594", solely funded by NRA, and WA Citizens Against Regulatory Excess (WECARE), funded by the Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms.

Protect Our Gun Rights is pushing anti-background check/anti-gun seizure Initiative 591.

*Typical.  Brian Judy did not say that gun control "caused" the Holocaust.  He did say it made it possible.

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MrGarabaldi said...

The 1%ers like it because they view the rest of us as "serfs or vassals". If we ain't armed...we can't make trouble for the elitist that want subservience not equals.