Monday, September 8, 2014

Earworm 9/8/14

Visiting the library last wee I wandered through the music section, and found a copy of "Herb Alpert's Greatest Hits", or something like that. (Distinguished? Distinctive? Something...)

Haven't really talked about it here, but I played the trumpet for a long time. Made First Chair in High School because I was technically more advanced than any of the others, until a couple of them (who probably had more talent) figured out that, if they took private lessons like I was...

Anyway, I enjoyed it, but not enough to pursue it as a hobby, let alone a career. But we all had our favroite players, and Herb was mine.

Ignore the thumping disco rhythm line, and the solo on this is magic.

That put me on a TJB YouTube search.  Same era:

This was probably my favorite.  I had a book of TJB hits, and Mr Bode, my tutor, found it and had me play some for him.  He laughed when I couldn't help but try and play it like on the recording:

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NotClauswitz said...

I like Herb better than the new guys like whatshisname Chris Botti, he's good but I was a trombone player who even private lessons didn't help.