Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Lynching of Disbelief

So, dinner being done Mrs. Drang took over the remote control and turned on... something.

Which was followed by something called Madam Secretary, about a female Secretary of State.

This being prime time broadcast television on a major network, you have to know that the inspiration had nothing to do with Condaleeza Rice.

Or ay respect the network or production company have for the audience's intelligence. 

Apparently, Keith Carradine is the president, which is a good sign.


So, there's this scene in which the President and the SecState and... somebody (National Security Adviser?) are discussing some untenable situation in Yemen, during which it is revealed that she used to be "with" the Central Intelligence Agency, and the President refuses to close the embassey, or send in the Marines, or beef up the Embassy Security Detail, and then tells the Secretary "It's your problem."

And as he walks away, she asks "the other guy" "What does he mean when he says it's my problem?"


 But we know she's a Powerful Woman because in the next scene she buffaloes some Congressmen into letting her Play Through on the golf course.

And then, in a staff meeting, rather than the imminent terrorist attack on the embassy, her minions are discussing some antics her daughter got up to in college.  The main issue being, no one knew she had a daughter.

The Secretary. Of. State.

Obviously she should have stayed at Langley.

Anyway, that's when I decided it was time to go in the other room and play Cradle of Rome II on the desktop, because, as the old book review said, I am willing to suspend my sense of disbelief, but I am not willing to hang it by the neck until it is dead, dead, dead.

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NotClauswitz said...

I could tell that show was gonna suck just by the smarmy Gentry-Lib attitude of the blond chick-secretary,