Monday, September 1, 2014

This Kind Of War, Kindle Deal!

TR Ferhenbach's classic tale of the US Army's Korean War experience, This Kind of War, is available on Kindle for $1.99.

My hardcopy edition was printed in the Eighth US Army print shop in Seoul.  I had been told by a tin-foil hat roommate in college that it was on "the official list of banned books", largely I think, because of the way it described the way the Army slid from being victorious in WWII, through going soft and hollow as an Army of Occupation, and then fumbling it's way through the first year of the Korean War. (As far as I can tell, a unit he was in had photocopied the chapter titled "Lost Legions" and used it as an Officer Professional Development reading...)

As noted in the Amazon comments, the original subtitle of the book was "A Study In Unpreparedness."

Which suggests that anyone with an interest in military affairs should take another look at it...


Anonymous said...

Sadly timely and topical. :(
-Erik from Seattle

DaddyBear said...

Sweet! Thanks!