Saturday, October 4, 2014


An update to my bleg post Need networking advice, from back in June:
Century Link says that bridging is only available for commercial accounts using their modems, which is why the external switch didn't work.
Also, they use VDSL, not ADSL, and (quoting the Customer Service email) "unlikely you'll find a VDSL modem in a store."

Apparently, only Century Link uses VDSL; the brave may find such a modem on eBay, they are also on Amazon, sold there by CenturyLink, or directly from CenturyLink...

...Or at Best Buy.

BTW, I went to Fry's Electronics looking to see if they had one, and the salesman looked around furtively and said quietly, "We don't yet, but Best Buy has just started carrying them..."  So, points for CS there.

Anyway.  Modem (Actiontec C1000A, if anyone cares) is functional, wireless router (Linksys EA3500) ditto. Western Digital USB drive is hooked to the USB port on the router, and the network see it.

Getting the printer to work is taking a little longer.

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