Friday, November 7, 2014

Ammo thoughts

OK, so, anent my previous  post, light blogging only...

Tam has range notes up from her current new-pistola evaluation project; go read, and if you are gun shopping, or likely to be asked for input by those who are, remember the lesson.  View From The Porch: Wednesday Range Notes, Part One...

Oddly enough, I had an ammo issue at the range myself yesterday. On my last range trip I had observed some issues shooting the Colt Rail Gun, which I suspected were due to the (apparently) minor differences between it and how the Combat Commander, which I've been shooting for nigh unto 30 years now, are assembled. (Especially, a curved mainspring housing on the Commander versus a flat one on the Rail Gun, resulting in a slightly different positioning of my left thumb, resulting in my intermittently activating the slide stop, preventing the slide from locking back on an empty mag.)

Anyway, I was able to stop that, and also tested some new magazines. (Wilson Combat ETMs, good additions to the Pachmeyrs I have, but which are sadly no longer produced.)  I put a total of 6 magazines of Fiocchi 230 grain hardball through the gun with the new mags, settling on a "12:30" hold at 10 yards, when the Fiocchi ran out.

I pulled a box of Herters 230 grain hardball out of my range bag.

Holy cow.

Now I know why that stuff is so cheap.  I was getting barnside size groups. Maybe if I'd had a Ransom Rest I could have brought that down to minute-of-cow. Plus, there was so much smoke I thought maybe I had the mythical .45 ACP black powder loads.  (The Fiocchi was clean, no visible smoke on the indoor range.)

So, remember, kids, cheap ammo is cheap, and you get what you pay for. And sometimes not-so-cheap ammo is also not a good choice for your gun.

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