Friday, November 28, 2014

Commie, please

Because Black Friday isn't already stressful enough for anyone who can't just stay at home, the folks who gave us this:
From VFTP: The Protocols of the Elders of WTF?
That's right, I'm outside of Seattle embedding a photo about idiots here from a blogpost written in Indianapolis.
also brought us this:Police: Seattle protester had cache of weapons in car, in which it was revealed that one of the Social Justice Warriors had a Taurus and a cheap Chicom knife on him, and a shotgun and semi-automatic rifle in his car. (But no carry permit.) Also a barbecue lighter and "powerful fireworks."  And some granola bars.

I'm surprised they didn't say he had an arsenal cached in his car, but I digress.

Today, we got this: Ferguson demonstrators march in Seattle | Seattle Times, in which it is revealed that the local Social Justice Warriors honored the memory of a young, um, urban entrepreneur, by assaulting police officers at the lighting of the Christmas Tree at Westlake Center, an upscale mall  in downtown Seattle*. Which also houses the northernmost station of the Link Light Rail, so, not only did they screw up folks' Christmas Shopping, they made it so they couldn't get home, because the mall and rail station were closed early.

This just capped off the day, as it seems that the protesters were using pepper spray and throwing fireworks in response to the SPD's use of pepperballs and flash bangs.  (Not sure about the efficacy of flash-bangs as a crowd control tool in daylight, but what do I know?)  Also, one or more other SJWs were arrested for assaulting a police officer, and at one point they chained the doors to another downtown mall shut, which I am sure violates the fire code, at the least.

Bu then there's this: Black Friday gets a little less frenzied, which had the un-ironic subtitle "Black Friday seemed a little less crazy this year."

*And site of the Gordon Biersch brewpub, where I had lunch with Barron and Janelle Barnett and Boyd Kneeland and Phil Murray after the No on I594 rally, and which is totally cool with Open Carry but"You might want to cover up because Mall Security was talking about barring anyone who was armed."

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