Monday, November 17, 2014

I can just imagine the initial briefings...

"We're gonna go do an FTX in an abandoned nuclear reactor..."

JBLM soldiers take over abandoned Satsop nuclear plant — but it’s only make believe | Military News | The News Tribune

"Battlefield Surveillance Brigade".  Because "Military Intelligence Brigade" sounds too geeky.

For those of you "not from around here", this "abandoned" nuke plant is a legacy of the notorious financial failure of the Washington Public Power Supply System, appropriately known as "Whoops". (Apparently, they're still aruond as "Energy Northwest"; who knew?)

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Anonymous said...

There's rackspace available out there, for your offsite servers. Great continuity of operations choice, rackspace in a place hardened to nuke plant specs. I need to go out and visit.
Cryin' shame there aren't five reactors running there.
Erik (now really FROM) Seattle