Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Well, isn't this special? More I-594 Jackassery from Olympia

Dave Workman reports on New ammo for gun rights activists headed to Olympia Thursday - Seattle gun rights |

As he says in the first 'graph, this is not just about Washington State, but a cautionary tale for the rest of the nation. Further:
Examiner learned Monday that the Department of Licensing’s firearms program is backlogged more than a year. According to DOL spokesperson Christine Anthony, “We are currently entering Sept. 2013 pistol transfer applications.”
Anthony provided this information via e-mail. She added that “There is not enough staff or funding for this program to keep up with the workload that has come in.” She said there is a funding request to the Legislature for additional personnel to work on the backlog.
I-594 advocates had deceptively insisted that passage of their measure would not “create a gun registry.” Technically that was correct, because they knew a handgun registry already existed, and I-594’s mandate that all gun transfers (not just retail sales) be done through federally-licensed firearms dealers has the effect of expanding the pistol registry by logging all of the private sales, loans and gifts or inheritances. Whatever else that may be called, it is handgun registration.
As part of the letter about that massive backlog, apparently DOL was exhorting dealers to fill in the information online, to save DOL the trouble. 

A bill is being filed, or has been filed, to mitigate the ills of 594. Trouble is, per the law that allows a ballot initiative to the voters in Washington state, if passed that initiative cannot be amended or repealed  for two years after passage. This would be why SAF filed a lawsuit, it's probably the only way to get it thrown out.

BTW, I fully expect to see that law changed, I594 is such a hot mess there need to be some checks and balances in the Initiative process.

Then again, one check and balance is that, if there are two contradictory initiatives on the ballot, the state Attorney General is supposed to pull both of them. That didn't happen with I591 and I594.

Not sure if this qualifies as "Malfeasance and/or misfeasance in office..."

In case you had not heard, there is another Anti-594 Rally scheduled for tomorrow, January 15th; more information at the link provided. Licensed carry is legal on the capitol grounds and in the capital offices, but not in legislative chambers. Also, to quote the press release linked here,
The legislature is in session for this rally, legislators are on campus and this is a great opportunity for us to make our voices heard. To drive home to our legislators that you should be taken seriously please dress to impress and make sure that all sidearms are securely holstered. Wear business semi-formal or formal if you’ve got it (slacks, good denim, suits, dresses, etc.).
Please leave your long arms home to avoid scaring uncommitted legislators into the arms of Bill Gates, Nick Hanauer and the rest of the 594 crowd. We’re going to Olympia to create a positive impression and WIN, not to put on a media show.
When you're trying to convince your legislative representative that you are a reasonable, rational person is not the time to engage in Threeper "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" chest thumping.

Meanwhile, 14 gun control bills have been filed in Oregon. I'll provide more details if and when I get them.

EDIT/UPDATE: On a personal note, I have a sore throat and seem to be on the verge of losing my voice, and Mrs. Drang, who was downsized at the end of December, has an appointment to further her job search, so we will not be at the rally tomorrow. Our regrets. Take lots of pictures and good notes, I'll try to link to any good reports.

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