Friday, February 20, 2015

WA House Bill 2164

Dave Workman has posted that House bill {2164 has been} filed to change background check exemptions, define transfers - Seattle gun rights |

This would seem to be a new bill.
House Bill 2164 would revise background check requirements for firearms transfers “only between and among persons who are not otherwise disqualified from legally possessing a firearm.” Among those who would be exempted are police officers, security guards and, most significantly, citizens who hold active concealed pistol licenses.

Another tenet of the measure prohibits state and local governments from maintaining a registry or database of information provided by private citizens who are involved in the transfer of a firearm who are not federal firearms license holders. In addition, sales or transfers between such people are exempt from the use tax as well as the sales tax under HB 2164.

The term “transfer” is also specifically defined as “the conveyance of a firearm from a person to another person with the intent of both parties to the conveyance that the transferee assumes all rights of possession, ownership, and control of the firearm and the transferor loses all rights of possession, ownership, and control of the firearm.” One of the alleged problems with I-594 is that nobody, including the Washington State Patrol, could apparently determine exactly what the term meant, leading to confusion about whether people swapping firearms at protests could be cited.
So, I'm still not happy with background checks for private transfers. But at least a transfer is now defined as a sale or trade, not a temporary loan.

We should not be content until I594 and all other egregious gun control schemes are dead, dead, dead, with wooden stakes driven through their hearts and buried in a cross roads by the dark of the moon, but this is a start.

The bad news is that it has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Laurie Jinkins, who never met a gun control scheme she didn't like, unless it wasn't strict enough.

The bill's page in the WA.GOV website:HB 2164 - 2015-16

Text of bill in .pdf.

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