Friday, April 3, 2015

About my previous post...

...where I say that
In Tennessee, as it turns out, one can enter a restaurant that serves alcohol, but if The Man has authorized you to legally carry the means to defend yourself and your loved ones, you are expected to be on the wagon.
 it also turns out that, as Chance points out, while SayUncle » At the NRA Annual Meeting, many local eateries would -prefer not to be distracted by any money contaminated by icky guns.

He links to two articles on the subject:
The later item says
Posting against carrying a firearm has the force of law in Tennessee, so members should pay attention to the signs on or near the doors of any eating establishment.
If it is visibly posted with verbiage and/or the circle/slash sign, you are prohibited from entering by law with a gun. Goeser noted in the interview with Walters that management in some restaurants told her that, although they had no signs up, they were still posted. Huh?
List of banned properties here: Tennessee Firearms Assoc. Inc. • View forum - Posted Properties - General

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