Friday, April 24, 2015


So, NRAAM 2015 ended a week and a half ago, and we've been home a week. I still need to write up Kelly Grayson's "Trauma Care for Shooters" class, and the two seminars we attended, but upon my return I pushed to get all of my minions' performance reviews done on time -- and I think I was the first to actually have them all done -- but now I am struggling with the common side effects of too much time on a pressurized petri dish with a hundred or more total strangers.

So actual, you know, writing will have to wait.

In the meantime, a few pics I hadn't previously posted:

In time, I realized that there's not really much differance between a kid in a candy shop, and a Bearcat in a Knife Shop*:
 So, I mentioned on Facebook that Brownell's had the best tote bags of all the vendors I saw. Theirs had a pocket on each end the right size for a water bottle, with a smaller clear plastic slot above it you could use for business cards or whatnot.

I went and grabbed one, and saw that TOPS Knives had 5 or 6 tables across from Brownell's, a very simple setup with tables full of blades for sale and sales guys ready to take your money...

Souvenirs, Hers, Mine, Ours:
 Hers: TOPS Devil's Claw.
 Mine: TOPS Lite Trekker. The tan and orange scales are an option. The fire stick is standard on this model.
ours: TOPS ATAX .
If you buy it online it comes with an instructional video, which I think might be a good idea.

*There is, however, no truth to the rumor that I only married her for her knife collection.

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Old NFO said...

Drat, I never DID get by there. Looks like I missed out on some good deals!