Friday, May 15, 2015

Good! x2

Public funds no longer in play for Sodo arena | The Seattle Times

We, the people of Washington State, voted down sugestions that tax dollars should go to pay for the  stadia (Safeco Field for the Sailorboys, QWest now CenturyLink for the Seachickens), but our Masters in Olympia knew better.

Oh, and the old Kingdome was not paid for.

And  still in good enough shape that it was apparently a real bear to demolish.

Instapundit » Blog Archive » A SMALL VICTORY OVER INTELLECTUAL-PROPERTY OVERREACH: Keurig says it was wrong to force users to buy single-serving pods.
We have a Keurig. A single serving coffee maker fits our lifestyle better. (Can't believe I used the word "lifestyle...")

We use these to reuse older cups. We also buy a lot of the unofficial cup that do away with the plastic outer cup and paper inner filter, and instead just use a micro-filter outer pod, no inner. The "My Caps" work perfectly with those.

If you live anywhere near Seattle, coffee is a common gift, and these also let us buy ground coffee (or whole beans) and still use the coffee maker on our counter.

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