Friday, July 31, 2015

Amazon Deal Alerts! 07/31/2015

Bonus Deal of the Day: Surefire P3X Fury LED Flashlight
$144.99, which is (we are told) 42% off. Offer ends in 14 hours. (Midnight, PDT, unless it's sold out first.)

SureFire Single Output Reflector Flashlight
$164, 35% off. Ends in, um, 20 minutes from now...

SureFire Scout LED Weapon Light
$282, 42% off. Ends ion about 2 and a half hours from now.
I've been debating one of these, or the Surefire forend for the Mossberg 500...

SureFire Fury Scout Light Rail-Mountable LED WeaponLight
Or maybe this one...?
$286, 36% off. 4 hours and 40 minutes or so left.

And if you know any lady fighter pilots:
TAG Heuer Women's Formula One Chronograph Watch
A mere $1011, 56% off! Offer good for 4 hours and 40-odd minutes!

There are a bunch of Surefire products coming up later today; I'm wondering if the market has become saturated, perhaps they produced too much, what with the bottom falling out of the Global War on Terror market and all.

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