Friday, July 3, 2015

Attention Glockenspielers!

If you are a devotee of the personification of the polymer 2x4 that shoots, and wish that there were a way to block the striker when holstering in the same manner that a pistolero with pistol with an external hammer can use his or her thumb to hold the hammer back or block it from moving forward, some sort of  Gadget, perhaps, well, there's a gadget update.

Bottom line, funding via Indiegogo will start next Friday (July 11, 2015); link will be posted at

Here's a review from someone who has been testing a prototype: The Gadget: an additional safety device for Glock pistols | Gun Nuts Media.

As for me, well, 2x4s are uncomfortable for my hands, so, until I can scrape up the dough to buy a used one and have some major surgery done on the frame, I'll just wish them well.*

*"Uncomfortable for my hands" is, perhaps, misleading. It doesn't hurt to shoot a Glock, but I cannot get a good grip on them. I have an acquaintance who derides the idea that ergonomics are -- is? -- of any importance in pistol marksmanship; all I can say is, "Whatever works for you.:
I regret that I didn't order a CCF Raceframe before they ceased production. These were Glock pistol frames, mechanically, but made from aluminum or steel, and available in a 1911-like configuration.
Come to think of it, most of my regrets in life are about guns I never owned...

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