Thursday, July 16, 2015

Question Of The Day?

Why aren't more works of Roger Zelazny available as ebooks?

Amazon's Roger Zelazny Author Page lists 124 titles*, of which a grand total of eight are available for Kindle.

Some of which, typically, are reviewed as "horrible OCR travesties." and one of which is the novelization of Damnation Alley, predating the cinematic travesty, but Zelazny said he preferred the short story.

And none of which are Amber novels, or Creatures of Light And Darkness,  or Lord of Light, or Shadowjack, or A Rose for Ecclesiastes, or...

Well, I guess we'd better get hitting the "I Want To Read This on Kindle!" button.

*Many redundant, as is common on these, with multiple editions of the same title being offered by some used book seller.

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