Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Report From Crazy World

Language warning!

Good description of what is wrong with Sweden.

The Left, of course, holds up Scandinavia as the ideal of a progressive society.

Which explains a lot about Seattle, being Squarehead Central.


Anonymous said...

Ahem, squarehead refers to Norwegians.

I am aghast and deeply saddened by what has been allowed and encouraged to happen in my ancestral home country. But it's not like it is any surprise.

Drang said...

"Generic Scandihoovian" where I come from.

Actually, "generic Scandihoovian and German", which is ironic, since Michigan is still predominantly German in descent.

Drang said...

P.S.: It's MY blog, why do I have to confirm that I'm not a robot?!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! This I didn't know about you. Standby for the random Uff Da jokes. You betcha.

BTW: For a wonderful time in the UP, get ye to 6Y9 for Labor Day. Just do a search for Pickett-Groom airfield.