Thursday, August 6, 2015

One for the good guys...

Police: St. Paul victim had gun permit when he killed armed suspect -

And, despite details like this:
Only months before Lavauntai Broadbent, 16, was shot and killed on a St. Paul river bluff during a botched robbery, authorities say he was part of a violent mob of teens that led a rumble in a downtown St. Paul hotel.
and this:
Broadbent was wearing a mask and gloves, police said.
and this:
Broadbent was a young man caught up in a culture of gang violence, according to court documents from an April 18 fight at the Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown St. Paul. Details from the hotel fight, along with information released about Broadbent’s death and St. Paul’s youth gang culture, show that easy answers are difficult to come by and that many of St. Paul’s young men are swept up in a tit-for-tat cycle of retribution.
“At one point, [Broadbent] is observed kicking someone on the ground and chases another person off camera …” said the criminal complaint in the hotel fight.
Broadbent pleaded guilty in May to third-degree riot in a gang-related fight among 50 to 100 juveniles at the Embassy Suites in which members of the Ham Crazy and Everybody Killer gangs fought with members of the Shoota Boy Gang.
We still have to put up with crap like
Broadbent’s mother, Leeann Broadbent, said Monday that her son didn’t “have that kind of heart” to pull a gun on someone.
And, of course
He did confirm that on Sunday night, a car drove off the street just before midnight into Shadow Falls Park, where some people had gathered for a vigil for Broadbent. Shots were fired, and the suspects fled on foot because their vehicle had struck a concrete planter. It’s unclear where the shots were fired from, Linders said, but no one was hit.
 In the meantime, the citizen who defended himself
...took off his shirt, rendered first aid to Broadbent and called police...
So, good for him. Apparently, that attitude is widespread:
Ramsey County attorney spokesman Dennis Gerhardstein said the robbery cases have been presented for charges. He said the office had not yet received a case on the shooting. “We understand that [the shooter] was not arrested and that the police view him to be the victim,” he said.

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