Saturday, August 1, 2015

QOTD, 08/01/2015

I actually saw this yesterday, but I already had a QOTD for yesterday, so it got deferred to today.

At what Tamara likes to refer to as "An away game", and while discussing the Cecil The Lion "scandal", which in the way of these things devolved into a free range discussion of hunting, and what was Right And Proper and Pure, and What Was Evil and Wrong And Bad, David S. observed
How is it that so many of us in the gun community, who distrust the "liberal media," are so willing to accept this story at face value?
I've never been on an African "Safari"1. If I had the money for same, I'd probably invest half and spend the rest on an Alaska hunt instead.

So here's what I know from talking about it with people who have been on Shikar2:
  • You pays your money, you hires the Professional Hunter and his staff.
  • The PH takes you around, and tells you when and where and which animal to shoot.
  • That makes you the sport, not the, or a, "hunter."
  • You have the option of paying "trophy fees" and getting a mount of the head.
  • The meat is distributed among local communities.
  • Hunting is controversial, especially among those whose knowledge of actual ecology ended at viewing Bambi at a young age.
  • Hunting different from the way you/I do it is also controversial. 
  • Mid-Westerners who "stalk"with a rifle or shotgun are liable to view those who hunt from a stand as some kind of barbarian, regardless of whether hunting from the ground there is practical, or even legal.
  • People who have a scope on their shootin' 'arn feel the same about those without, and vice versa, ditto regarding legality.
  • (EDITED TO ADD:) That goes double for weird styles of hunting involving strings and pointy sticks, guns that load from the front, or guns that look... icky.
  • Also, some idiots are so much more concerned about the fate of a wild (well, semi-wild) animal than the facts that the "sport" in this case has received death threats, and the enlightened government of Zimbabwe (!) is demanding that said "sport" be extradited.
  • Cecil was 13 years old. 
  • The Average Life Span Of A Lion in the wild is 10-14 years.
Clearly, it's time to move to a cave in the mountains with a pile of "dead tree" books and give up on the human race.

1. Safari: A long overland trip, usually for diplomatic or trading purposes.
2. Shikar: Hunt, hunting.
This pretty much exhausts my knowledge of Swahili.


Old NFO said...

Can't say I disagree... And I'd do a Rocky Mountain hunt. :-)

Drang said...

As an afterthought, the price of a single African hunt would have paid for a hunting cabin in the Upper Peninsula and several years worth of licenses, ammo, groceries, and gasoline...

AuricTech said...

My favorite Cecil-related quote was by Chris in TX, over on Joe Huffman's blog:

"<a href=">I’m just laughing at the skill of whatever Master-Level Troll named a lion in ZIMBABWE “Cecil”</a>."

My helpful response was "Probably a Rhodes Scholar."

AuricTech said...

Ooops, forgot the slash to close that HTML tag....

Drang said...

Glad I'm not the only one to have noticed that! :-D

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