Thursday, September 3, 2015

What Bugs Me About The NRA

It's not that it occasionally pursues a tactic (or strategy) that I disagree with, although sometimes I have to wonder what they see over there on the Least Coast.

No, it's that they keep sending me stuff urging me to join.

Not to renew -- although that would be irritating, as a Life Member for decades -- and not to upgrade my membership, but to join.

One would think that they would cross-check the various databases and notice that these variations on the same name all list the same address, so let's not bother sending this mailing. Maybe send the version of the "Great Gun Giveaway Contest" asking Patron Members to upgrade to... whatever is higher than that.

But, no. They have to waste money sending me a mailing urging me to sign up for the first time.

Not exactly like asking the Pope if he's been baptized, but...

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