Saturday, October 10, 2015

HR2246 and S1351, Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act

While writing the previous post, I also saw these;

Official Summary

Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act Amends the federal criminal code to:
(1) allow licensed firearms importers, manufacturers, dealers, or collectors (licensees) to sell or deliver any firearm (currently, rifles or shotguns) to a resident of a state other than the state in which the licensee is located or temporarily located if the licensee meets with the purchaser to complete the sale or delivery and the transaction complies with the laws of the state in which the transfer is conducted and the purchaser's state of residence; and
(2) eliminate the requirement that a licensee must conduct business at a gun show only in the state that is specified on the licensee's license. Provides that nothing in this Act shall be construed to prohibit the sale or other disposition of a firearm or ammunition:
(1) between licensed firearms dealers at any location in any state; or
(2) by a licensed importer, manufacturer, or dealer to an unlicensed person at a temporary location in any state. Amends definitions for federal firearms provisions to:
(1) revise the definition of a \"member of the Armed Forces on active duty\" to include a member (or member's spouse) who is a resident of the state in which such person maintains legal residence or in which the member maintains a place of abode from which the member commutes each day to the permanent duty station; and
(2) provide that an officer or employee of the United States (other than a member of the Armed Forces) stationed outside the United States for a period exceeding one year, or a spouse residing with such an officer or employee, is a resident of the state in which the person maintains legal residence.

The Official Summary is the same for both; typography is also the same. (I think there should be a couple of line breaks in there, that are missing.)

If I read this correctly, if you can pass a NICS check, then you'd be able to buy a gun in any state you visit.

I don't know how they'd handle the fact that some states have "rosters" of guns that are legal in said states.

If this passes, I predict that the Cabela's in Reno, Vegas, and Tucson* will be doing great business with Californians.

However, since the House bill has only 5 co-sponsors, and the Senate bill has none, I'm not holding my breath. Not this year, anyway.

*And maybe Springfield, OR, although that's a bit far north.


AuricTech said...

Sadly, there isn't a Cabela's in Tucson. The nearest one is in metro Phoenix.

D.W. Drang said...

Should have looked.
Also, I'm surprised.
Also also, I'm sure Sportsman's Warehouse will be glad to help.