Friday, October 23, 2015

NO WAY!!!!

Bertha’s restart delayed again; will there be drilling by Christmas? | The Seattle Times
The four-lane, tolled1 Highway 99 tunnel from Sodo2 to South Lake Union is now scheduled to be ready in April 2018, more than two years past the original December 2015 opening the contractors touted in 2010, when they won the $1.35 billion tunnel contract.
More from the "Duh" files:

1. First I heard that it's going to be a toll road. Doesn't surprise me, Seattle being run by a bunch of car-hating collectivists who are always eager to squeeze another dime from the taxpayers.
2. "South of Downtown", originally "South of Dome", so-called for the Kingdome, which was demolished before it was paid for. Some ceiling tiles fell off, leading the PTB to assume it was about to fall apart. The demolition crew said it was one of the hardest jobs they ever had.

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