Sunday, November 8, 2015

As Bad As I Remember

So, in the last 14 months my work schedule has changed, let's see... 4 times? 5?

Anyway, I am now home and awake during television programs during which I was previously either at work or asleep.

So I can now state that the program Madam Secretary, which I reviewed last September in the post The Lynching of Disbelief, has gotten no better.

The Secretary of State's husband is evidently a professor at the National War College, and uses his position to recruit foreign students to be US agents. (Or "sources". I wasn't a HUMINTer, the terminology is slippery...)

Having learned that the mother of "the first US-born ISIS leader" is a State Department employee, the Secretary of State conducts the interview.



We decide to Predator/Hellfire said US-born ISIS leader instead of taking him with Delta -- BTW, I did appreciate that, for once, the media went with Delta and not the SEALs -- because some operators might be captured, but "What can we learn by wringing him out?" never seemed to enter the equation.


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