Monday, November 30, 2015

Dealz (Today only!)

Amazon has several items in the Daily Kindle Deals that may be of interest to readers of my little blog today.

In Science Fiction & Fantasy, Cyber Monday Deals include several titles in Fritz Leiber's tales of  Fafhrd and The Gray Mouser. (Swords and Deviltry and etc.)

The Face in the Frost was a nice little fantasy novel that I discovered when it was republished and reviewed in Dragon magazine; if you ever enjoyed rolling dice to see how your battle with the marauding orcs was going, you might enjoy it. (CLARIFICATION: Although you'll enjoy it even more if you liked solving the Dungeonmaster's nefarious puzzles more than hack and slash.)

There's a coupe of Andre Norton titles in there, as well.

The History section has several of the titles in Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Tales (as seen on BBC America), start with this one: The Last Kingdom (Saxon Tales Book 1).

Also, for anyone who wants to learn more about the US Army in the Korean War, This Kind of War: The Classic Military History of the Korean War is highly recommended. There are several Walter Lord titles in there; also, if you enjoy reading Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey and Maturin books, you might enjoy A Sea of Words: A Lexicon and Companion to the Complete Seafaring Tales of Patrick O'Brian.

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