Tuesday, November 17, 2015

They have to tell them this?

Sheriff tells off-duty deputies to carry firearms, extra ammo | The Seattle Times
“While off-duty I am asking all commissioned personnel to always carry their sidearm, with extra magazines. I know that some of you already do, but many do not. Now is the time! With all that is going in the world, it is more important than ever to have the means to protect your family, the public, and yourself.”
I know that some agencies don't require that officers be armed off-duty -- and a few prohibit it -- but it never occurred to me that the KCSO left it optional.



Anonymous said...

While this is in Seattle, I wonder the opinion of the Sheriff regarding CCW amongst the general population. As a resident of California, I am furious that (1) state law severely restricts a citizen's right to defend; (2) that the same laws exempt active and retired LEO; (3) that these 'carve outs' are rarely, if at all, addressed by LEO.

Yet, LEO love to remind us that they too are people and so on. Well, to avoid the issue of gun control laws (especially how they are lopsided) brands one as hypocritical and elitist. I would have ore respect for LEO if they were to rally against such exemptions in gun control laws. That wearing the uniform may make one more of a target is not relevant to this subject. And I won't get into how many firearm owners are more so or at least equally as trained as LEO.

So the good Sheriff reminds his deps to carry when off duty. What then of the 'common folk'? Would this same Sheriff support laws, regulations, policies which restrict or prohibit others from doing the same? From what I see from all around the state (CA), I gather that LEO are fine with the way it is now. Therefore, until that changes, I do not support the local Sheriff.

Sorry for the rant but this issue is too important to be glossed over.

D.W. Drang said...

You are correct, and we here in WA have avoided previous attempts at restrictions because they did not have carve-outs for LEOs in them, the previous "Safe Storage"law, for example.
In this case, despite containing Seattle, the King County Sheriff's Office has been pretty supportive of the Right To Keep and Bear Arms. (Unlike the Seattle PD, which tends to be run by big city liberals; the Chicago influence on Seattle is disturbing.)

Old NFO said...

That IS a strange one...

D.W. Drang said...

Realistically, I'm glad he did this. And after consideration, the inclusion of "extra magazines" is probably warranted s well; we know that most cops aren't "gun guys", and it wouldn't surprise me to learn that even those who are expected to be armed off duty carry the minimum load out hey can get away with.