Monday, November 16, 2015

You had one job...

So, I was checking the weather report on Weather Underground, as is my wont, and looking to get an update on how much snow may have fallen in the Cascades, as critical as Cascade snowfall is to municipal water supplies around here, and saw this weather report:

Now, personally, I think naming winter storms is pretty dumb, but whatever it takes to draw viewer eyeballs to your TV "meteorologists."


The "news" item includes this:


The National Weather Service has issued various flood watches, winter storm warnings and high wind watches for the northern half of Washington.
KCPQ out of Seattle-Tacoma is warning drivers to prepare for snowy roads and and possible delays on the Cascade mountain passes on Monday. More than a foot of new snow is expected above 4,000 feet, and 6 to 10″ at Snoqualmie Pass.
When you click the link that purports to go to the "northern half of Washington"?

It takes you to a weather forecast for Washington DC.



Anonymous said...

If you think that's bad, trying reading through NOTAMS during flight planning. The computer has your filed route yet one is forced to wade through pages of information about areas thousands of miles from your route. It's worse, some of those NOTAMS may already be expired but one may not know just from the reading. Ugh

This naming storms business can become ominous. Consider how insurance companies (and we know the ins co run the marine and aviation worlds) will deny claims arising from named storms (hurricanes). I wonder how the ins co will respond to the Weather Channel naming winter storms.

Old NFO said...

Hmmm, does that qualify as an oopsie??? I gave up on them and I just go to the NOAA site...