Sunday, December 13, 2015

'Twas a fortnight before Christmas... (Edit)

...And All through the gun show...

And I think I'll stop there, because I doubt I can make it either rhyme, or scan.

I've made it to gun shows too late for the rumored "great deals" before, but either I'm way too early, or this is the deadest I've ever seen a WAC show. (Although the crowd is trickling in, the line for membership is still pretty light.)(Which makes me suspect that, locally at least, there is little in the way of a gun-buying panic.)

Folks are making sales, and the pickings might be slim if you're looking for something specific in the way of a new pistol, but I'm not seeing the frenzy we've seen before.


Edited later for formatting (original typed on my phone) and also to add:
PMags and other AR accouterments see to be in good supply, and not overpriced. Most ARs I saw, though, were from manufacturers not in the top tier. Or even the second.

Still not a lot of .22 LR, unless you're a gun store notorious for price gouging, and also being connected with unsavory events.

FWIW2, saw little if any of the jackassery I reported on in my last Gun Show Report.

Also, the Toys for Tots collection station seemed to be doing well.

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