Monday, February 8, 2016

How special

Local man accused of supporting ISIS
Federal prosecutors say a Washington state Army deserter who made statements supporting fighters from the Islamic State group has been charged with illegally possessing firearms, including a machine gun.
Daniel Seth Franey, 33, has lived in Montesano for the last three years, working as a commercial fisherman out of Westport.
He appeared before a judge Monday afternoon, charged with six felony counts for illegally possessing automatic weapons and other firearms.
The investigation started after a few people went to police saying Franey talked about his support for ISIL and his desire to kill Americans.
Once again, many if not most of the evidence comes from "undercover Federal agents", posing the question "Which came first, the plot or the investigation?"

In this case at least, the court documents at the linked article indicate that "Witness 1" contacted the local sheriff's office, which is what launched this particular investigation.

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