Saturday, February 27, 2016

Officer Involved Shooting, Seattle, 02/21/2016

From the Seattle Police Department Blog:
SPD Releases Dashcam, Photos From Officer-Involved Shooting of Armed Felon In North Seattle
The Seattle Police Department is releasing photos and video from a fatal officer-involved shooting, which occurred Sunday as officers attempted to arrest a felon illegally armed with a handgun.
Around 3:30 PM police were conducting surveillance in the 2200 block of Northeast 85th Street as part of an ongoing investigation. Officers observed a man with a holstered handgun, and identified him as Che Taylor, 46, a convicted violent felon, legally prohibited from possessing a handgun. Taylor’s criminal history includes convictions for assault, robbery and rape.
At approximately 4:15, officers called for additional units to assist in taking the suspect into custody. As Taylor stood at the passenger door of a white Ford Taurus, a marked patrol vehicle with emergency lights on pulled up facing the Taurus.
An SPD arrest team then approached the vehicle to take Taylor into custody. Officers ordered Taylor to show his hands and get on the ground. He did not follow officers’ commands, and instead leaned into the Taurus.
According to officers, as well as a civilian witness interviewed by investigators, Taylor reached for his handgun, leading officers to fire.
Officers detained the other two people in the car and called for medics. Police performed CPR on Taylor at the scene until medics arrived. He later died at Harborview Medical Center.
Detectives are still serving warrants as part of the investigation, but have recovered Taylor’s firearm, When Taylor arrived at Harborview Medical Center, he was carrying approximately 6 ounces of suspected crack cocaine and black tar heroin. Officers booked one of the other people in the vehicle into the King County Jail for possession of a significant quantity of suspected heroin.
This is the OIS I referred to in the intro to my previous post, that has local activists all riled up.
‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters demand firing of police chief after fatal shooting | The Seattle Times
Mayor, police chief promise timely update on fatal shooting of black man | The Seattle Times
Because a known convicted felon open-carrying a pistol during a drug deal is obviously in the clear...

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Old 1811 said...

It's because the cops didn't let him shoot first, or, as they said about Pat Garrett, "give him a fair show."
Many years ago, in South Florida, Federal agents set up a sting wherein certain members of a local pharmaceutical distribution concern somehow got the impression that a certain apartment was full of controlled substances. Agents watched while three members of this concern walked up the outdoor stairwell to the second-floor apartment, kicked the door in, and sprayed the apartment with gunfire. When the miscreants saw they had been misled, they proceeded back down the stairway. At this point the agents announced their office; the misunderstood youths raised their weapons and were shot and killed by the officers.
On the TV news, the anchorman expressed outrage that the dopers were shot even though they never fired a shot at the officers. As I recall, the exact words were, "They were shot before they even got a shot off."
That's the kind of legal knowledge I for one have come to expect, know, and love from today's journalists.