Saturday, March 19, 2016

Fun Show! Plus bonus Fashion Show!

This post was update multiple times during the gun show today, using Mobile Blogger on my cell phone. As noted below, I have updated it with corrections, comments, and additional information.

So, here we are, bought a kitchen knife, ordered 2 holsters for the new Sigs, and the Ladies' Concealed Carry Fashion Show is about to start!
I'll try and update as we go along...
*And, yes, there are more women than men in this corner of the hall. Ages run from barely old enough to buy a gun, through "of a certain age", and on up.

Update 1: There's a guy with a video camera. The camera has ESPN stickers...
Correction: Not ESPN. STSPN(I'll keep an eye on this page and share any video they put up.)

Update 2: Hosted/sponsored by EmCee is Ms Sturlaugson, not sure which one... Started out as a firearms safety/marksmanship program for youngsters, but Moms kept expressing interest...

Update 3: Noted that they aren't selling the products, just demonstrating them. Also, the models are not professionals, but friends and employees, all of whom carry daily.
The first 3 products are by UnderTech; leggings,  undershirt, belly band. Look secure, but re-holstering may be issue.
After the show many of the garments were put out for display. 
Mrs. Drang said the gundershirt (so to speak) seemed to be made from a light enough material it would be comfortable, but you would obviously still need a cover garment. They did not have a pair of the leggings, so no opinion; comment was made that they ned to be as comfoy as, but better built than, standard yoga pants. 
Mrs. Drang said the belly band as worn looked like it would work. My concerns with soft holsters in general is that re-holstering may be difficult if not impossible, security/retention is a concern, and that the material may be soft enough not to protect the trigger enough to prevent an accidental/negligent discharge.

Update 4 is a Crossbreed belly band. This one can be used with a regular holster, which eliminates some of my concerns. Mrs. Drang is concerned about velcro fasteners.
Purses. Off body carry sucks, JMHO.
The problem with off-body carry -- purses, murse, turse, backpack, etc. -- is security of the carrier, that they need to be in a compartment designed for just that (to prevent fumbling to find the gun when needed),  and, again, it needs to be in a holster that will protect the trigger.

Update 5: Noted that all products are new, and while the models carry, they may not be familiar with a specific product.

Update 6: Stealth Gear clip holster for LCP, worn appendix. Model easily re-holstered pistol.
Next was a locally-made custom shoulder holster, but I failed to note the maker.
After the show, Mrs. Drang and I discussed the drawbacks of shoulder holsters. They may take considerably more wardrobe considerations than other method of carry, and are often banned at ranges, as it is pretty much impossible to draw from one without muzzle sweeping yourself and others. The military uses them mostly as chest holsters, and for convenience, not concealment.

More purses, these by Gun Totin' Mamas.

Update 7: Another GTM purse. Neither are on market yet.

"Under The Gun" vest, with many pockets and holsters.
The kind of folks who read this blog are likely to be more familiar with this firm as UTG, subsidiary of Leapers, purveyors of airsoft type of gear. Maybe I'm being unfair, but I tend to assume this gear is not exactly made for hard use. OTOH, Mrs. Drang examined this after the show, and said it seemed very well made. It certainly didn't look like a tactical vest, nor like a photojournalist/"shoot me first"/IDPA vest.

12-6 company purses, hand made.
I'll update as possible afterwards, names, links. {Done.}

Update 8: Hiding Hilda. Purses, etc. Also a purveyor of jewelry.
From the owner's web site:
The story behind HidingHilda…. I had a stalker beginning in October of 2006, he was finally convicted to 2 felony counts of Stalking in March of 2012, Sentenced to 10 years. He served 3 of his 10 years obtaining college degrees and was released in April 2015 – with no notice.  In November 2015, he violated his parole and returned to prison and is currently awaiting his hearing.  Thank God I didn’t procrastinate.  He wasn’t supposed to be eligible for parole until Feb of 2017 – imagine my surprise when he was released… But I digress…

While going through the ordeal I hid out for 2 years, everything was under HidingHilda. Hiding – what I was doing at the time, and Hilda – my log in at work… Hillyer, Dawn. And now, although I have several carry options – Hilda is my go to – the name of my Glock 380. HidingHilda is part of who I am.

I get calls from all over the country from people who are being Stalked and can’t find help, this is how you to protect yourself. Protective Orders are a piece of paper, and the Police can’t be there to protect you all the time.
Mossy Oak sent some fashionable camouflage clothing for the lady hunters.

Update 9: Silver State Apparel Concealed Carry Shirt. Pockets built into shirt, drapes naturally. Not sure how it carrys.
Mrs Drang was quite taken with these designs. I am not that crazy about them, I had a 5.11 jeans jacket with their holster system, and when I put a gun in the holster it sagged and printed badly. YMMV, especially if you are not trying to conceal a 1911... 
{Update to the update: Silver State Apparel is in Reno, and thus IMHO should be contacted about Gun Blogger Rendezvous.}

Update 10: Blade Tech holsters. Of course, they're just up the road from here.
Many of the folks in the audience seemed very impressed that a lady dressed fashionably could conceal a full-sized pistol -- including a Glock 17 -- in a belt holster.  

Update 11: Good point: Some of these holsters work without a belt...
I have an inexpensive hybrid holster for a Keltec PF9 that I can wear clipped directly to the waistband of my trousers. Again, this may not work as well with a full sized and weight pistol.

King (?) universal holster worn SOB.
Neither of us took any further notes on this, so I cannot identify the manufacturer any further. Sorry.
Part of the point behind this was that different carry techniques work for different body types.
As for Small of Back carry, I feel that it is asking for damage to the base of the spine and the pelvis...

 Dee Pelkey of Foxes & Firearms talked a bit about firearms training and come other information.
Show was co-sponsored  by Axelson Tactical, LLC.

In Conclusion:

While I did not necessarily think all the items demonstrated were the best options for concealed carry, I do feel that it was a valuable event, and did some good. As a community, I think those of us who are in positions to influence the public's decisions about what to carry and how have to recognize that to newcomers to the gun culture, simply buying the gun itself is a major decision, and things like holsters, belts, extra magazines, etc. rarely enter into the decision process. While we have an obligation to try and educate them about why a particular style of holster is superior to others, we need to do so in a manner that will lead them to make the decision for themselves.

Before this event started, Mrs. Drang was speaking  to another women who commented that she had a gun.. Her husband had bought it for her. She hadn't known he was going to do it, and hadn't wanted him to get her a gun for her birthday. It sat in a box for 7 months before she touched it. He had just now decided what kind of "bullets" to load it with. (Pretty sure he's described in here, somewhere...) Never found out whether she had ever fired it, let alone taken a class, had any idea how to carry it, I didn't want to ask, lest I have to go find her husband and tell him what an ass he is...

Anyway. I hope this other lady stayed through the show, and got some ideas about carry that will inform her decision making process more than just her husband saying "This is what you ought to do." I try to avoid doing that beyone saying "here are your options, and what I think of them."

WAC and 22 Connection are looking at doing these quarterly, which may 
  1. Help more folks carry responsibly
  2. Bring in more variety and options
  • This was the first time, it could be more polished. No big deal, but being able to speak into a mic so that you are audible is not intuitive, and may need practice.
  • According to the advertisement all the "guns" used were simulated, but they were all black. Blue Guns (or Red, or Yellow) would be better so that it was obvious that they were not real, and also may be make it easier to see details of carry techniques. Black simulated gun against black leggings...
  • The stage was a short platform at the front of the space used; Mrs. Drang made the observation that it would have been better to use a "thruster" or catwalk, so that more folks in the audience could see details. I think I heard Dave workman say something about that, too.


Old NFO said...

That's a nice way to 'market' to an underserved customer base, and gives folks lots of options. I think they'll get better with practice, as you're right, it's NOT intuitive on using mics.

D.W. Drang said...

Addendum: Mrs. Drang wanted me to add that the Silver State Apparel garments looked well made, but that they would need to be tried on to make sure they will fit, drape and conceal, and if the gun would carry properly.
Ditto the garments by Undertech.
(Mrs. Drang says there was another under shirt? I don't remember one. 5.11 and other companys make similar garments.)