Saturday, April 16, 2016

"Mount Paektu is tall!"

In Korea, when two people say the same thing at the same time they say "Paektusan nop'ida!", Mount Paektu is tall!" Not sure why, but then, why do we say "Jinx!" or proclaim that the other guy owes you a coke?

Anyway. Mount Paektu is in north Korea, and is the tallest mountain on the peninsula. Kim Il Sung was allegedly born there, which makes it sacred to north Koreans, despite commies supposedly being atheists. (Then, there is that whole dynastic dictatorship thing...)

And despite being hundreds of miles from the nearest joint between two tectonic plates, with no apparent reason for there to be a volcano there, NatGeo now tells us that Sacred Volcano in North Korea May Be Waiting to Blow.

Apparently there is a "mushy mixture of liquid, gas, crystals, and rock" under what I always heard was a extinct volcano.

Because, you know, just what north Korea needs is a volcano going off in the backyard...

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