Thursday, May 19, 2016

Upcoming Law of Self Defense Seminars

Andrew Branca sent an email today in which he posted the following scheduled Law of Self Defense Seminars:

Upcoming Law of Self Defense Seminars

As I've mentioned, I am preparing a major re-location from Massachusetts to Colorado within the next couple of months, and have blocked out most of the summer to allow for our move.  The pace really picks up again late summer and into the fall. As usual, all seminars are state-specific, with some covering just the state in which they are being held while others also cover adjoining states.

August 7:  Raleigh NC
August 13: OR & WA:  Portland OR
August 20: TN & KY: Nashville TN
September 10: Talladega AL
October 1: PA & NJ:  Philadelphia PA
October 15: Arizona NM
October 16: TX & NM: El Paso TX

We'll have plenty more seminars scheduled all over the country. Just click here to learn about seminars coming in YOUR state!
 As I said back in February of this year,
...I will wrap it up by saying that the experience was well worth the money, and it is highly recommended; if you cannot attend the appropriate session for your state, and are at all concerned about the legal aspects of self-defense, then you should at least read Andrew's book, and see about bringing him to your neck of the woods.


Old NFO said...

Thanks! I'll try to make the El PAso one!

D.W. Drang said...

Well worth it.