Sunday, July 3, 2016

Earworm, Independence Day Edition

Yes, I run this one every year.

So sue me.

When we were first dating, Mrs. Drang asked me what my favorite musical was, and I said 1776. As she stared at me, all agog, I allowed as how Man of La Mancha was pretty good, too.

Its a wonder she went out with me again.

1776 is good theater, and the movie is good entertainment, even if they did a song ( rumor says to avoid landing on Nixon's enemy list,) but it's not very good history. Aside from the fact that there were no song and dance numbers, John Adams and John Dickinson never came to blows on the floor. The debates depicted actually took place, but mostly in pamphlets and Letters of Correspondence. They cut many Founding Fathers from the script simply because a play cannot afford to have a Cast of Thousands! So Bill "KITT" Daniels as John Adams wound up speaking for cousin Sam.


If you want history watch the Paul Giamatti mini-series John Adams, and then have your barbeque and set off your fireworks two days before the official holiday.

As a mythopoeic retelling of the founding of America, 1776 can't be beat.

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