Sunday, July 31, 2016

Great Pistol Training Resource

Claude Werner, "The Tactical Professor", has published an ebook of  range drills intended specifically for use at indoor ranges.

I often look at the Drills Of the Week at and think "I wish they'd publish versions of these than can be fired at my Friendly Local Range", which is less than a mile away and has a maximum 10 yards, not to mention limited ability to post multiple targets, move, etc.

The book is in .pdf format, which means it can easily be saved on a smart phone or tablet, and taken to the range. Price is a sawbuck. Download it here: Indoor Range Practice Sessions | tacticalprofessor.

Ooops. Launched that too soon. Meant to add, quoting Mr. Werner:
The book contains 12 Practice Sessions and 12 Courses of Fire from various States for their weapons carry licensing process. The Sessions are designed to progressively increase in difficulty so when done in sequence they challenge shooters without overwhelming them. The Courses of Fire were chosen to be complementary to a respective Practice Session. Each Session or Course of Fire is 50 rounds or less. They are all structured to maximize the effectiveness of your range time. It also contains sections on:
  • Four Rules of Safe Gunhandling
  • Gripping the Autoloading Pistol Properly
  • Trigger Manipulation
  • Using the Sights
  • Use of Force philosophy
  • and more!

Note for nosy busybodies: I am in no way affiliated with Claude Werner, The Tactical Professor, or Firearms Safety Training LLC. This is just a damned good idea which I feel would be of great use to the average person who owns a gun for self-defense, who would almost certainly benefit by adding some structure to their probably too-rare range sessions.

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Old NFO said...

Thanks, that's a nice add to the training book!