Saturday, July 23, 2016

Note to self...

Dear Self:
Remember writing this post? 

Turns out that when you said
  • On the one hand, my habit of buying 1911 magazines over the last year or two seems like a good one.
  • On the other hand, buying the cheap ones marked and packaged as GI 1911 mags may not have been so smart.
the twinge you felt when typing the first bullet was not just your bursitis acting up at the self-back-patting, it was foreshadowing.

Bullet two OTOH, was prescient. (Except the blued ones actually marked as GI mags seem to be working OK.)

Day three of MAG 40 and I now have three fewer 1911 magazines than I came with. Turns out those "generic" stainless steel magazines simply marked ".45 ACP" weren't even worth the sawbuck each they cost me.

In mitigation, I would like to point out I bought the things strictly for use in training.

Too bad they won't even go into the mag well easily enough to use them to practice reloads.

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