Monday, October 10, 2016

Wait! What?

So, this morning I stumbled out of bed to feed the demanding tomcat, and observed to Mrs. Drang (who was getting ready for an early doctor's appointment) that it was very foggy out. 

I then stumbled back to bed, since it turned out that The Salt Mines did not need me to go and try to bail out the Southeast. 

I woke up to see a snowplow going down the street, clearing a very messy, slushy snow storm.  

I was about to call Mrs. Drang and make sure she could make it back, when the tomcat standing on my chest started demanding that I wake up and feed him again.

It was still foggy out, but why I went to being relieved that I didn't have to go and reason with hurricane season to letting it snow, letting it snow, letting it snow, I don't know...

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Old NFO said...

LOL... That's an oopsie!