Saturday, November 5, 2016

Odds & Ends

  • New rule: No gun stores the weekend before a Presidential Election.
    • Addendum to new rule: Especially if a Shooting Legend is going to be there.
    • So I guess I'll pass on meeting Jerry Miculek  for this year.
  •  WA went to 100% mail-in ballots. King County sets up drop-off boxes around the county; I dropped mine off on the way to not meet Jerry Miculek.
    • The only debate, for me, is whether this is more or less subject to fraud than electronic ballots.
    • {Rant about voter fraud/posthumous voting/no ID required deleted}
  • Among items on the ballot is an initiative for "extreme protective orders" which would lead to anonymous callers having one's guns confiscated "temporarily".
    • This thing is written so poorly that the ACLU has taken a stand on a gun control
  • Always fun  to see the political parties claimed by th denizens of Seattle.
    • The "Revolution and Liberation Party" is a new one on me.
    • Sad the see the Karmic Flying party has disappeared.
    • Sort of. 
  • Started a new position in The Salt Mines this week, my first desk job in ages.
    • When they brought me on, passing mention was made to emergency planning, mostly in the context of amateur radio...
    • One week in, and yesterday they dropped all emergency planning in the state in my lap.
    • I have a week to revise everything.
    • I can barely remember how to get to the new office; IT still hasn't granted me access to all the web sites I'm supposed to use.
  • Go home, State of Washington, you're drunk:

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Old NFO said...

Congrats on the new job? Maybe??? I know you'll do well at it!