Monday, June 26, 2017

Rangemaster Combatives Pistol, Take One

This weekend I took Tom Givens' Rangemaster Combative Pistol class, at West Coast Armory North
  • The way you know it was a good class is you walk away from it not sure if you can digest all the learning that occurred.
    • AAR/Comments on actual learning that occurred will follow in a day or two three. {edit: OOPS! Sorry, DWD}
  • We spent more time on the range than in the classroom, about a 3 to 1 ratio or higher, but the classroom time was well-spent. 
    • I've heard some say "If I spend money for a shooting class, I want to shoot, not hear a lecture."
    • While some topics lend themselves best to demonstrate/drill on the range, others are really best addressed sitting at a desk, taking notes.
  • West Coast Armory North is a nice facility. Three bays with 6 lanes each, well-ventilated, and clean and well-lit. John (owner, who was in the class) mentioned that they are changing out the backstop material later this summer.
    • My complaints are two:
      1. It's too far north for me, and
      2. After most of the day on my feet, I was wishing John had put in an elevator.
        • Seriously, returning to the (upstairs) classroom I felt like I'd just finished a 20 mile ruck march.
        • Also, John, I was wrong about no mention on the blog about dancing: There is a reference to The Hot Brass Dance.
  • The Detroit Holster Hastings worked well, within its design parameters. 
    • I went with the Tek-Lok belt attachment.
    • This meant that the holster stuck a quarter inch or so out from my body.
    • This meant that there was a little more leverage for the holstered pistol to sag a bit.
    • When I got home Saturday night I figured out how to move the spacers -- the Tek-Lok can work with up to a 1.75" belt, and comes with spaces for 1.5" belts -- to take up the slack. 
    • I also switched to the Wilderness Frequent Flyer belt, which is a tad stiffer than the 5.11 Double Duty belt I had been wearing.
    • Bottom Line: Good holster, not ideal for concealed carry for me. (Maybe the Metro, for concealed carry.)

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