Thursday, June 15, 2017

Tourniquets Save Lives

Lest it be lost in all the leftist blood-dancing over the attempted assassination of Representative Scalise, note that his comrades worked to save his life, including improvising a tourniquet.

Wow: Colleagues Rushed to Save Scalise’s Life - Cortney O'Brien

Since you can't count on having a veteran combat surgeon handy if and when the unthinkable happens, you should consider adding a trauma kit to your carry preparations.

PDF: Optimizing the use of Limb Tourniquets in Tactical Combat ...

tourniquets save lives at DuckDuckGo

Buy one, or more, and learn to use them.

I have a bunch of SOF-T Wide models, because group buy.

Tactical Medical Solutions | Training Resources

Here's one on improvising a tourniquet with a triangular bandage:


NOTE: It is highly recommended that you DO NOT limit your training on these essential items to watching a couple of YouTube videos, even if they are posted by an unimpeachable source.¹ 

In addition to TacMed, other good sources of equipment and information include Chinook Medical Gear, Inc and Imminent Threat Solutions.

Training is available through Insights Training: Tactical First Aid Training and Dark Angel Medical, among others.

Previously on The Cluemeter²:

1. Not that I consider myself unimpeachable on this sort of thing.
2. As I typed this I heard it in the voice of the announcer for the Adam West Batman series...

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