Sunday, July 30, 2017

Oh. Em. Gee.

Looking at Candidate Statements for the position of King County Executive, I just realized that the one that makes the most sense is...

...Perennial candidate GoodSpaceGuy.

(Do they have these guys where you live? Always running for something?)

Of all the people running for a Port of Seattle Commissioner position, only two made a statement about making the port pay for itself, instead of constant, annual or biennial increases in property taxes.

Most of the candidates for the open seats are commies who support raising taxes to guarantee a "living family wage" and/or a $15.00 minimum wage.

Unfortunately, Richard Pope and Ken Rogers are both running for the same position.

Jeeze, guys.

Oh, and raising my property taxes again, this time to support "Cultural and Arts Programs"...?

Mayoral Race:
Mark Greene is a Marine who made a point of slamming two of Seattle's "Radical Left" city councilbeings by name in his statement.

Good enough for me.

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