Friday, July 28, 2017

Triggrcon, Range Day

TriggrCon is the Northwest Shooting Sports Expo, which has been described as a "Mini-SHOT Show."

Well, I have a had time making it to Vegas for SHOT Show, but I can sure make it to Tacoma for this...

Signing up for tickets for Mrs. Drang and I for the "Enthusiast Days", I went ahead and applied for a Media Pass, because, hey, New Media and all that. I wasn't sure I'd get it, but what the heck...?

Sometimes I feel like the guy that does the police blotter for the Resume Speed Shopping News and gets invited to a press conference with the Times and stuff.

Anyway. Thursday was Range Day. The invite said it was at an "undisclosed location" which changed "at the last minute." I dunno about that. From the route the bus driver was taking I was pretty sure I knew where we were going, especially when someone said "I heard we were going to a sheriff's range."


So here's the layout:
It's a pretty good set up. We were last there probably10 years ago (!) or more, for a muzzleloader shoot, when the range complex was pretty new, and still mostly bare dirt and rock. The best part is that it is far enough out in unincorporated King County that development stops before it gets this far, and the commute is too much for anyone.

Also, it shares the grounds with the before-mentioned King County Sheriff's Office range, as well as the Seattle Skeet & Trap/Boeing Employee's Shotgun Club range. (A friend of mine who worked on building the new range complex told me that, one night during the construction work, they came out of the club house after  meeting and witnessed a cougar taking down an elk. It's waaaaay out there...)

Anyway. A close up of who was at the range:
Click to enlarge.

Mostly pictures after the break:
I had to get my Sig on:

Photo ©2017 D.W. Drang & The Cluemeter

Amazing what  decent sight can do to make a duffer look competent

Photo ©2017 D.W. Drang & The Cluemeter

Sig320 Romeo, with Sig's Romeo1 red dot sight.

Photo ©2017 D.W. Drang & The Cluemeter
These red dot sights have gotten small and reliable enough to be practical for concealed carry. I, for one, could use the edge...

I also checked out the P320/250 "Lima One" grip module, which has a built in green laser.
Photo ©2017 D.W. Drang & The Cluemeter

Photo ©2017 D.W. Drang & The Cluemeter
We weren't shooting it because even a green laser, which is brighter than a red one, gets washed out in full sunlight.

Gemtech. Suppressors became legal to use as well as to own in WA a few years ago, but still a pain in the fourth point of contact to acquire, so I have held off. This was my first chance to shoot one. You'd think having all that material out front would throw the weight and balance off, but not really.
Shot the Glock17, which is almost off screen here, as well as the S&W .22.

Photo ©2017 D.W. Drang & The Cluemeter
Just to change up, I stopped at the FN tables and tried the new FN 509
I think Tamara's right, as far as how they could have chosen a new sidearm for the military...

Photo ©2017 D.W. Drang & The Cluemeter

 And the FiveseveN

Photo ©2017 D.W. Drang & The Cluemeter
And because Mrs. Drang was a Stargate fan, I had to get my P90 on.

Photo ©2017 D.W. Drang & The Cluemeter

Did I mention that, since this is an industry trade show, all the guns were being demo'd by the makers, who, by virtue of making guns, are Federal Firearms Licensees, so all these guns that can have "Happy Switches" did? No? Gee, I'm sorry...

(We lost full-auto in WA years ago. There are one or two collectors who got grandfathered. So unless you know someone...)

So I tried out a bunch of Short Barreled Rifles and Carbines and Sub Machine Guns...

A pistol caliber carbine is easier to control full auto than one in .300 Blackout, BTW.

In case you were wondering.

Still enjoy shooting the Kriss Vektor...
Photo ©2017 D.W. Drang & The Cluemeter
Note to self: Next year, find out what it would take to get Mrs. Drang to go along to help with photography/videography. The manufacturers reps were willing to take some "glamor shots", but often had their hands full, and video was a bit too much to ask...

Also, got to shot a Tavor:
Photo ©2017 D.W. Drang & The Cluemeter
Quarter Circle 10 specializes in pistol caliber carbines:
Photo ©2017 D.W. Drang & The Cluemeter

Photo ©2017 D.W. Drang & The Cluemeter

There is some debate as to what a pistol caliber carbine is good for? That is, what does a 9mm carbine, say, do that a 5.56mm carbine can't?

The answer seems to be "not much." It gives you caliber compatibility with your sidearm, if that's important, and ideally gives you magazine compatibility, too. Ammo may be cheaper, which is mostly an advantage for training. But performance wise, there is little if any advantage.

The answer may well be "So what?"

I forget which table this was. 😳

Battle Arms Development:

Video ©2017 D.W. Drang & The Cluemeter

 I think it was Battle Arms Development, I remember talking to the guy there at the end of the day. I'll check out their booth at the show itself and confirm.

Especially since he surprised me by giving me a full mag, in case you were wondering why I kept pausing and checking it. "I'm not out of ammo yet? Cool!"
Photo ©2017 D.W. Drang & The Cluemeter

Yes, that's a Mare's Leg at the next table. No, I didn't shoot it, or the Deagle they had, either.
Photo ©2017 D.W. Drang & The Cluemeter
I'll post more later, it's about time to head off for Industry Day, after which I will post more...

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