Saturday, November 11, 2017

Everyone (British) Remembered

Just came across this:

Every One Remembered - Home
The Royal British Legion, as the UK’s national custodian of Remembrance. is working with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to keep alive the memory of those who died in the First World War. By the end of the Centenary in 2018, our objective is to ensure every fallen hero from across the Commonwealth is remembered individually by those living today. This is your chance to take part in a truly historic and incredibly significant act of Remembrance.
 Entering my (real, legal) surname returned 87 hits, from British, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand force, Mostly army, but a few RAF, and quite a few Navy or Merchant Marine.

I found it striking how many came from the south of England, Devon and Dorset particularly.

There also seem to have been a high proportion of Light Infantrymen, plus a few Royal Marines.

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