Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Chain Migration, an observation

The excellent Powerline blog has a piece up today entitled Port Authority Bombing Puts Spotlight on Chain Migration | Power Line.

The comments system there requires that one log in with Facebook, and I've pointed out before that I will not attempt to log into my Facebook account as long as Facebook insists that I send them scans of government issued ID, so here's my observation:
Hey, now, every Detroiter knows Greek chain migration gets you Coney Island stands and excellent family restaurants!
I would further point out that a hundred years ago chain migration of people from Mediterranean and Eastern European nations was a Concern, leading to, among other things, New York's Sullivan Act.

I don't actually know that chain migration, per se, is a significant factor in terrorist attacks that have occurred in America.

On the other hand, there have certainly been several terrorist attacks perpetrated by immigrants, so maybe someone ought to look into that...

...as I am sure they are. (Based on White House comments shared in that Powerline post.)

Really, evaluating someone for immigration  should rely on a bit more than just "My third cousin twice removed is living in Dearborn."

The history geek in me wants to make a Leon Czolgosz (or maybe Vito Corleone) joke, but the fact that Czolgosz was native born kind of ruins it. (The rest of the family was born in Poland.)

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